Forming opinions:

Since I started this blog, I have been a little more conscious of all the blogging out there. If you’ve paid attention, there’s a lot of it going on in all sorts of ways. Everyone has an opinion. It seems to be the American way. With the rise of the web, it’s much easier to have a voice to be heard. And since we all have an opinion, it appears that everyone seems to think that their opinion is the right one. I guess that makes sense. But it’s not always true.

I have been challenged and intrigued over the past several days as I have read other blogs from notable writers. Their writing is eloquent and thought provoking. It’s what blogs are supposed to be about, I guess. Much of it has been really good. The blogs have been about important events and cultural happenings. Hot topics are what many are weighing in on these days. I guess that’s what blogs are supposed to be about.

But it brings up a point. The cultural rule of today is that everyone gets to have free speech. We can say whatever we want. I even saw a post of Facebook today about it. “You can’t limit my speech.” True. It’s the American way. But I do believe we’ve gotten some things out of whack and lost control of our own emotions.

When I was growing up, a common theme that my dad would often remind me and my sister was simple: “to every freedom you have a responsibility.” Our freedom to speak and share our thoughts also carries a heavy responsibility. I’m afraid some have forgotten that responsibility. They wield the scepter of free speech much to freely. And in that freedom, some have offended greatly. And they don’t care. They exhibit their freedom with callousness and disregard. That’s the saddest point of it all.

Say what you will. Blog what you want. But don’t forget the responsibility that goes with it. I will do the same.

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1 Response to Forming opinions:

  1. Bond says:

    I love this blog! I recently wrote one about the power of words…so totally on my heart lately. One of my newly found heroes is a man named Benjamin Nolot (I insist you look him up!!). One of my favorite quotes of his is, “If our entitlement to freedom causes us to bypass the moral and ethical responsibility that comes with it, we must question our definition of freedom.”
    Thanks for writing this!

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