“Excuse me, but can you tell me when is Halloween?”

My sister Sherri is a journalist and writes for her local paper. She posted on Facebook this week that she had had numerous phone calls asking when Halloween was. On Thursday morning this week she wrote this: “HALLOWEEN IS OCT. 31. Do not call me at the newspaper and ask me when Halloween is. Or when you’re supposed to trick or treat. Why is this such a difficult concept to grasp?” As any younger brother would do, my mind began to think what it would be like to call her. I didn’t want her to recognize me, however, so what should I do?

It just so happened that I was traveling to Dallas with a group of people from my church. We were on our way to the State Fair of Texas and were in great spirits as we rolled along. What fun it would be, right? A wonderful lady volunteered to call her. This person happened to be a retired administrator of a local school district. She knew how these phone calls would go; she had had numerous ones asking all sorts of crazy questions in her career. So the phone call was made. On our side, it went something like this:

“Hello, may I please speak to Sherri —? Yes, Sherri —, this is Peggy Dudley. I have a question. Can you tell me when Halloween is? Yes ma’am, Halloween. Oh, the 31st? It’s always on the 31st? I see. Well, can you tell me when I should expect the trick or treaters? Oh, you can’t? Well, who then can I call and ask? I want to be ready. You don’t know when they’ll be by the house? Oh, I should then be ready anytime? I guess I’ll just have to get up that morning and have my candy ready. I want to be ready. Now, you said the 31st, right? Ok, well I’ll be ready when they come by. I just wish you could tell me when the kids will be by for candy. Yes, ma’am. Well, thank you very much. You have been so very helpful!”

I checked Facebook shortly thereafter and Sherri had posted a comment that read; “WHO called me just now? I know it’s someone who read this!” We all were hardly able to contain ourselves from laughing so hard in Texas. We had pulled it off!

I talked with my sister a little while later and had a great laugh at her expense. Sometimes it helps to do something crazy in order to deal with the reality of crazy thinking! Thanks, Sherri, for helping us maintain the humor of the day. Oh, and one last question. Can you tell me when Christmas is this year?

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