5 Years

This past Sunday was my 5 year anniversary as Associate Pastor/Minister of Music at FBC, Temple. 5 years. As with any amount of time, as you look back on it, it seems to be a short period of time and it seems to be a long time. I tell people it depends on the day!

A wise man told me one day “we over estimate what we can accomplish in a day and we under estimate what we can accomplish in a year.” There have been many days I’ve wondered how I’ve accomplished anything at all. There have been a few days, like yesterday, that the to do list has flown by with amazing amounts of checks. Then there are days like today, when it seems like the clock moves a whole lot quicker than the check marks! When I look back over the past five years, however, my mind is filled with all sorts of memories. Here are a few:

1. The first Scott & White Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. I had been here a month and really didn’t know anyone. Andrea, Dianne, and Cindy invited me to have dessert with them following a very cold performance. I stopped by and had a piece of pie and coffee at the now closed Village Inn. It was the first time I got to visit with them and we laughed most of the evening. Bet you can’t imagine that!
2. The great organ and Betty Yearty pulling out all the stops. I had to encourage her that it wasn’t too loud. She was afraid of complaints. It was great to hear and feel the wonderful power of the mighty instrument.
3. The purchase of a brand new piano. It was great when we raised the money needed to purchase a new Steinway grand piano for the Sanctuary. The excitement to play on it the first time was very memorable for me.
4. I recall the resilience of our choir and musicians to rise to any occasion and make the adjustments to lead in worship. This was especially true following the fire.
5. I remember the countless rehearsals and special programs that we have performed together. Each one was unique with just a certain group. Not one has been the same, neither program nor singers. That’s just the way of it.
6. And I remember laughing a lot. Joy is contagious and laughter shared is much more fun!

One of the defining moments of our past 5 years was when our building was destroyed by fire. It will be forever a defining moment in my ministry. But it was not the church, but the building, for we the people are the church. It was a building that held so many memories, even for me, and it is no more. But memories are made as we live life. Memories are made every day.

What memories will be made in future days? Funny thing about memories: at the beginning of the five years, they are not as lasting as those that have been made over recent days. It’s not because my memory is sharper these days, but it’s because it’s deeper. It is in relationships that memories run deep. And I have deeper relationships now than I did 5 years ago. I am grateful for this. I am grateful for the journey. I am thankful that so many of you are part of that journey. Here’s to five more!

“Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

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