Month of Thankfulness

I know that this post should have been done at the end of November. At least it should have been posted at the beginning of December. But once Thanksgiving hit, it was non-stop until this week. I hope that you will forgive me! I took the challenge and posted on Facebook each day of November something that I was thankful for. Here is the list in its entirety. It still humbles me with all the things that could have made list beside these. Here you go:

1. Thankful for 50 years of life lessons and the chance to still learn!
2. Thankful for 5 years of ministry at FBC, Temple. It’s been a ride!
3. Thankful for a quiet office on an early cold morning, a pumpkin spiced latte, and the chance to listen to a God who speaks clearly.
4. Thankful for the seasons God made. Even in central Texas. Thankful for cooler weather.
5. Thankful for a choir who comes out on a Saturday morning and all the work that they are doing. Thankful for their sweet spirits and their willingness to do whatever I ask. Well, almost whatever I ask!
6. What a great day of worship with Keron Jackson. Basking in the glow of the Holy Spirit in all the parts of the day. So happy with the full house tonight at the Downtown Worship Center. Thankful that God so many years didn’t give up on me and I kept playing, even against the odds. Thankful to use my gift tonight as we celebrating God’s transforming power in people’s lives. To Him to be the glory!
7. Thankful for parents who raised me to care about others, serve in many capacities, be a life-long learner and fill the day with laughter. Thankful that they exhibited unconditional love at so many points. Thankful for the legacy that they have build for me to follow.
8. Thankful for my oldest daughter, Rachel, and all that she is becoming. She is life and laughter and everything fun. She is part of the Clayton line of creative persons. Rachel is the most creative of us all! You make me smile, Rachel, and I’m glad you’re mine!
9. Thankful for my younger daughter, Kylie, and the joy she brings to me everyday. Her humor and quick wit is so much fun. The sparkle in her eye always brings a smile to my face. Her singing is a delight to me. Her love for life and others is a blessing. You have been, and always will be, my sunshine!
10. Thankful for my beautiful wife, Jan Drake Anthony. She is the rock that keeps me grounded when life’s storms are at hand. She makes me laugh the hardest with her quick wit. She can tell when I’m discouraged and always has a word for me. I’m so glad she said yes over 25 years ago. Some of these years haven’t been easy, but she’s been a strong one in the face of the fiercest trials. I love you great, Jan! (posted a day early since I’m gone all tomorrow…)
11. Thankful for all those who have served and are currently serving in the military. You fight for our freedoms that too many take for granted today in America. Still, you do not fight in vain. Thank you for your service to our country and for the sacrifice that you give each day.
12. Thankful for my calling in ministry. For the joy and laughter that is shared even in the challenging days.
13. Thankful for my pup, Bella. She always greets me and is a demonstration of unconditional love. What fun she is in the Anthony family.
14. Thankful for the education that my daughters are receiving at Temple HS. It will put them in the upper ranks of education in the world. Am proud that they work hard and have been successful in their work.
15. Thankful for rain. We need more, but every drop is a gift.
16. There is power in a thankful heart. It releases us from believing we deserve everything we have. We do not deserve the blessings we receive, they are a gift from God. Today I am thankful I was asked to speak to a group on Thanksgiving. Even though it has not come easily.
17. Thankful for the musicians and singers who lead in worship every week. You are delight to work and serve with each week. You bring joy to the journey. Your spirit, your musicianship, your heart for God is inspiring. Thankful for the musicians and singers who lead in worship every week. You are delight to work and serve with each week. You bring joy to the journey. Your spirit, your musicianship, your heart for God is inspiring.
18. Thankful for my ministry assistant, Carla Davis. Even with a broken hand, it is amazing what she can do. She keeps everything in the ministry working and moving. She laughs at my jokes and at me. I am thankful for the 3 1/2 years we have worked together. She is a blessing!
19. Thankful for the gift of music. It is a gift to those who perform as well as those who listen. Today I get to share music with a family as they bury their beloved mother. I am grateful for the gifts that God has given to me and the ability to use them.
20. Thankful for God’s Word and the power in it. When preached soundly, the Word has power to convict, teach, encourage, uplift, inspire. Thankful for my pastor and my friend, Martin Knox, who preached a great sermon this morning. Thankful I got to hear it twice. May my praise to God be the crescendo in my life.
21. Thankful for a group of UMHB college students that came for dinner and held their Bible study in our living room. It was a joy to have them. Great discussion and very thoughtful concepts. Our future is in bright hands.
22. Thankful that I have the money to pay for all the things that are being fixed today. Cars in the shop…yes, 2…and an ice maker. My bank account is a little less, but I am still able to pay for it. Thankful for a job during these trying economic times.
23. Thankful for my in-laws, Ray and Helen Drake. From the very beginning they have loved me and considered me as their son. Their home is like my own. Their love has been never ending, without condition. I am blessed to have them in my life. Thankful for 26 years.
24. “Give thanks with a grateful heart, give thanks to the Holy One, give thanks because He’s give Jesus Christ, His son; And now, let the weak say ‘I am strong’, let the poor say, ‘I am rich’ because of what the Lord has done for us. Give thanks.” Giving thanks for the abundant and overwhelming blessings from our Lord on high. He is greatly to be praised. I thank my God for what He has done in my life.
25. Thankful for a wide open road with moving cars at normal speeds on the way home and the safety it brought. If you travel I-35 much, you will understand why this is truly a point of thanksgiving!
26. Thankful for a quiet Saturday morning to get my thoughts together for the next few weeks. In just a little while I will be shot out of a cannon and will be hurtling toward Christmas. Right now I’m sitting with a hot cup of coffee and the quiet house, thanking God for being able to do what I get to do.
27. Thankful for the beginning of the Advent season. We kicked it off with the Hanging of the Green. Thankful for all the people who make things happen and participate with radiant joy.
28. Thankful for a freeze this morning and the changing seasons. There’s a brisk bite to the air but the sun is shining brightly. Thankful I got to wear a sweater and jeans.
29. Thankful for a computer mouse that works. Sometimes it’s the simple things!
30. Thankful that someone challenged me to write my thanks down during this month. It’s been great to count my blessings and to see how wonderfully blessed I am. My God is the giver of every good and perfect gift. He’s been mighty busy in my life. Thank you, Lord, for your provisions and abundant, extravagant blessings.

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