In Quietness and Rest

It’s spring break and the kids are out of school. The weather is great, warm and breezy. Spring rains are coming, but they are not raining on any of the activities. It’s the time of year when everyone takes a deep breath before the final push through school toward the summer months. The break is greatly needed in the Anthony house!

I was out of town all last week. My calendar is full for the next one. Thus, spring break is simply a time that is different in the office. My family went out of town for a few days, a change of pace so to speak. They left me the dog to keep me company. I am grateful for the sweet animal that follows me around the house when I’m home. It reminds me that I am not fully alone.

I am not a big TV watcher. Thus, when I’m home, I do not feel the need to have it on to create noise in the background. If I turn it on, I’m an attentive watcher, if I’m not watching, it’s silent. I have spent some time on Facebook, but that has been relatively quiet as well. All in all, the home has been quiet, even dark. Since it’s just me and the dog, I don’t have to turn on all the lights in the house to create the homey glow that is the prevailing status of our home most of the time.

So with relative darkness and not much activity on the home front, silence may be golden, but it also has been deafening. It has caused me to decompress from the constant activity around me. It’s good, you now, to do it every once in a while. You’d be amazed how much activity can fill our lives. Last night, I just sat in silence and read a book. It was a nice treat for me.

I have been amazed today how I have been more attentive, more productive. My mind has been clearer, my heart more attuned to the yearnings within my spirit. I have had the chance this morning to think of the bigger picture, my overall dreams and desires, my heartfelt thanks for today. Tomorrow may be different. It may be busy crazy, with emails and phone calls and demands. But for today, the silence has produced a reflection that is greatly needed. It has provided a renewed strength for today and for the coming tomorrow.

“This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says: ‘In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength’…” Isaiah 30:15

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