A funny thing happened on the way to…

There is no spiritual redemption or meaning to this post. Nothing at all. Except laughter and good natured humor at what happens in the middle of life. Life is what happens on your way to something else. Too often I find myself trying to zip through something to get to something else, checking off boxes on the task list in the meantime. And sometimes I can get caught in a mistake, an oops, that just makes me pause and laugh.

It happened yesterday. Kay, our missions coordinator had come into my office asking for my daughter’s full name. She was about to purchase a plane ticket and needed the full name that was printed on her official identification. Knowing it was towards the end of her school day, I decided to text her and ask how her identification card read. While I was talking with Kay, I simply pulled up my phone, put in the security code, hit the message button, found Rachel’s name, and voila! I sent her a simple message that read, “what is your name printed on your driver’s license ID?” I promptly hit the send button.

It was then that I saw that I had sent that little message to 10 of my students in the choir from church! Aargh! After a short chuckle, my cell phone dinged and a name popped up. Name number 1. Problem was it was the other daughter, not the one that I needed. Full name, spelled correctly, sent within a minute and half. She wins the prize.

Two minutes pass and…ding! Name number 2. Full printed name, no relation to me. Nice to know this young man’s middle name. I might need it sometime. Another minute passed and …ding! Name number 3. Ding, name number 4. Ding, name number 5. All printed, spelled correctly, some with middle initials and some with full middle names. None were who I needed. Ding, name number 6. Nope, not that one either!

Ding, name number 7. Alistair Duncebucket. Who? I looked again. Yes, name number 7 was from Rachel. Yes, it was the one that I needed to be correct. And what does she give me? A made up name. Why? Just because. That’s why I love her so. Did she ever give me her name correctly? Come to think of it, no, she didn’t. But’s that Rachel. And what did I do? I just laughed out loud. Long and hard and loud. That’s what I do in the midst of crazy things like that.

I hope you laugh. I hope you find the humor in life as you live it. If you don’t, find someone to help you. It’s the only I know how to get by sometimes. You just have to laugh!

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