Travelling on Mission #1

Kay Bacon and I are on mission. We’re one a mission. And in a mission. We are on our way to Deva, Romania, to meet with our partnership church there. Timotei Rusu, pastor, will meet us in Timisoara when we arrive. Right now, it’s 10:38AM in Vienna, Austria, and we are waiting for our last connecting flight to Timisoara.

My body clock says it’s 3:40AM. That’s early. And with only about 3 hours of sleep since we left at 6:30AM yesterday morning, I’m beginning to feel it. But that’s how travel is. Sleep is interrupted. Eating meals are interrupted. We had breakfast at 12:30AM on the last flight. At least that’s what my body clock said. The sun was up. The new day had begun.

International travel is not for the faint of heart. At least that’s what we’ve decided. You have to ask questions. You have to be assertive. You have to listen and learn and go with the flow. The toilet stalls are different. The water, the money, the customs, the scenery, all different. We have heard many different languages, too, since we left our comfortable little dwellings in Temple, TX. We’re no longer the majority. We feel out of place. We are now the foreigner in a distant land. I couldn’t even begin to identify all the different tongues I have heard. No, international travel is not for the faint of heart. For me, though, it quickens my heart; it is exciting and challenging. 

I am siting in a chair in a lounge area of the terminal. The faces are different. the food is different. Toys that the children are playing with are different. And the thought struck me from a song several years ago by Point of Grace. And now it keeps playing in my head loud and clear, ringing louder so that it will be etched in my mind. “God loves people more than anything, God loves people more than anything; More than anything he wants them to know, He’d rather die than let them go, ‘Cause God loves people more than anything.” 

And that’s why we go. To tell them, anyone, that God loves them more than anything. 

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