Music Everywhere! Mission Blog #2

It’s been a busy day. Actually, it’s been a busy two days! For me, there has been a lot of music rehearsal. I love music, and there is a lot of it, but the time spent rehearsing has been great. And I’ve been leading them all. 

Tomorrow is Sunday and our day of worship. The children’s choir and brass band is planning on playing in the morning. The children’s choir of about 30 children aged 7-13 will sing two songs. the brass band, made up primarily of brass instruments, but with some added woodwinds, will play 4 songs. Two of them I brought with me from America. They have done very well, though it is a different style than they are used to. And there are a few instruments I have never seen before! But that’s another story. Tomorrow night the youth choir sings 4 songs. This choir of about 40-50 singers has done a great job as well. The pianist is a young man, 20 years old, that is an incredible pianist. The only problem is that he doesn’t understand English. He smiles a lot at me. 

It may sound like I am complaining about the music. I am not. I have been overwhelmed by the musical skills, both technically and musically. Their musicianship is absolutely amazing. The youth choir that I have rehearsed has been a wonderful group to work with over the past two days. I am thrilled about the opportunity to lead them all tomorrow. I have also been asked to play the piano and to sing a solo in both services tomorrow as well. I wonder if Timotei will have any time to preach! 

This morning both Kay and I had the opportunity to speak to the Barnabas school. This is a Bible school for adult leaders that meets every other Saturday for two years. They develop their Christian skills in order to lead out in the the congregations in the area. These men and women were open and ready to hear. I spoke on worship, Kay spoke on missions. We also were invited to eat lunch with them today and visited around the tables. 

Tonight Kay and I had a wonderful opportunity to have dinner with a family in the church. This family is very musical; the son plays the piano for the church, sings in the youth choir, and plays trumpet in the brass band. And he’s 17 years old. His mother plays the piano and guitar, his sister plays the flute and is studying in a pharmacy school, the father plays an alto horn (instrument, anyone?) and leads the brass band. They have a younger boy who sings in the children’s choir and plays in the brass band as well. Also at the dinner was a yougn man from a neighboring city who has a master’s degree in trombone. He will be playing in church in the morning as well. After our dinner together we all sat around and sang and played for one another. It was a cherished time as we sang hymns in our native tongues, but sang with the same heart. Our hearts were blessed for the evening. 

It is late and I have a big day tomorrow. I am praying for all my people back home who will be leading worship in Texas. I pray that God’s spirit will be upon them as it will be upon me and all of us in Romania. I give thanks and praise for God’s blessings and the gift of music. I thank Him for the chance to serve in another country. As we sang tonight, I was moved remembering once again that I will be with these wonderful people for all of eternity. We serve a might and awesome God! To Him be all glory forever and ever! Amen. And goodnight. 

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3 Responses to Music Everywhere! Mission Blog #2

  1. maria says:

    Alto horn is fun! Hope you’re taking pictures. Praying for rest, have a great day of worship!

  2. Feel blessed to read your blog! You inspire me! Thanks for sharing your trip!

  3. Donna Cost says:

    Hi Gary – Great Blog, love hearing all about your great musical day. I played French Horn. When we marched we used what I remember were called Alto Horns. They looked similar to a miniature baritone, but sounded like a French Horn. Now I think they make what’s called a marching French Horn. Am I close? Donna Cost

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