Mission Blog #3: Last Day in Romania

Kay and I have made great connections and have built many good relationships while in Deva, Romania. We see the need and opportunity to continue our partnership and bring others back with us

Possible ways for future service would be through a music and/or sports camps and some construction help as they continue to build the Trinity Outreach Center. Their most pressing need is for $100,000 to finish the gym floor and the HVAC system so they can use it. They are praying to finish it by this summer so they can begin active outreach to one of the most impoverished areas of the city. They began construction on this project 6 years ago and need another $1 million to finish the project entirely. They have no idea when it will be finished because raising money is very difficult. They are using a part of it already as a second hand store for outreach.

Kay has done a great job with the teachers and the children. Both of us had the opportunity to speak and teach in the Barnabas Bible School for adults Saturday morning. This group of grown men and women give a whole Saturday twice a month for two years to learn the Bible and develop leadership principles that can be used in ministry both in Holy Trinity and surrounding village churches.

I (Gary) preached in both services and led music with the children’s choir, the brass band and the youth choir in the evening worship. I also sang a solo and played the offertory in both services as well. Both morning and evening’s services lasted 2 hours each. The musicianship and sound of our Christians brothers and sisters were wonderful. Several times I found myself on the opposite side of the platform from where I needed to be. Not to worry, I just walked to the other side, picked what I needed, and went back to the other side. Kay and I also enjoyed the time of prayer with the congregation

We hope you will continue to pray for us. We will be leaving in the middle of the night tonight to go back to Timisoara and catch a plane before 6:00AM to fly to Vienna, Austria, then on to Odessa, Ukraine. Blessings on you all.

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1 Response to Mission Blog #3: Last Day in Romania

  1. Javis Howeth says:

    You are in my prayers. YSIC Jesus

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