Gary and Kay’s Second Mission Journey, Chapter 2: Mission Blog #5

It’s midnight and we just finished dinner. The ship’s about to push off and begin the journey into the Black Sea. We will be sailing while we are sleeping. Hopefully, comfortably and calmly. Today was Chapter 2 of our second missionary journey.

We began the day with an hour long devotion with Michael Gott. It is one of the highlights of the trip and I have been looking forward to it since I knew what would happen. I kept telling Kay this would be a wonderful time of being challenged by God. Neither one of us were disappointed. Michael talked this morning about being single minded in purpose. We needed to leave our thoughts of home and the office back in the states behind us and focus our hearts’ attention on the mission before us. Kay and I were amazed at this word. Our amazement was based on my conversation yesterday with Carla, our ministry assistant at FBC, Temple. I managed to talk with her for a few moments last evening and had asked her if there was anything we needed to know or neeeded to deal with. Carla had told me that we needed to focus our attention on what God was doing here, and that everything was fine in Temple. If there was an emergency, she would let us know. That’s why we celebrate her today for Administrative Assistant’s Day. She’s always thinking ahead.

Later in the morning we took a tour of the great city of Odessa. We managed to see some sites and took some picures. We also managed to do a little shopping in 25 minutes and were able to pick up a few special things for some loved ones.

After lunch we had an emergency training drill. Everyone had their life jackets on and gathered at their muster sites. We had the drill and received instructions on what to do in case of an emergency. They did manage to begin the drill with letting us know that they had never had to use this information in the history of the company.

Following our drill, Kay had team meetings in final training for ESL work at the concerts. Gary played a game of spades. Finally I was able to do something fun while Kay was working. We left at 5:00PM for First Baptist Church and had the evening’s concert. Over 1100 were in attendance with standing room only. Kay ended up in the dark stairwell because there were no seats in which to sit. She also ended up getting kicked out of the stairwell by security. She gathered then with a few ladies and decided to pray for us as we sang. She was also on the team of counting all the responses. We don’t have a number yet, but she said there were many.

Upon our return we gathered for dinner and were able to relax and recall the events of the day. We look forward to telling you about some of the people that we have met.

Please pray for us as we begin sailing tonight. Pray for Kay as we just began to move. Pray for her motion sickness and that this will not be a problem for her. She has a patch behind her ear; the only problem is that they said it would make her goofy. Can’t imagine how that would work! Pray for those who will be attending our concert in Kershon tomorrow evening. We found out that the concert venue was cancelled yesterday for the last day. The devil is at work on this trip; please pray for God to be

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1 Response to Gary and Kay’s Second Mission Journey, Chapter 2: Mission Blog #5

  1. Janna says:

    Prayed for you and Kay this evening.
    Janna Gardner

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