2012 Summer Bucket List

Here it is! My 2012 Summer Bucket List. This is the 3rd year that I have done this. It is quite fun and a great experience in living intentionally. For some, this intentionality wouldn’t really count because most of these items are just for fun. But over the past couple of summers it has been great fun as I have worked to check off the list with my girls. I have posted pictures of many of these items as we have done them. So, here’s the list for 2012.

1. Ride the trolley in San Francisco.
2. Taste a grape at a vineyard in San Francisco.
3. Make a sidewalk chalk mural.
4. Water ski with Rachel and Kylie
5. Go to a Round Rock Express game.
6. Have Mexican food in San Antonio.
7. Have a dinner party.
8. Make homemade ice cream.
9. See my grandmother’s grave in Oklahoma.
10. Play a piano recital.
11. Have a water balloon fight.
12. Pick blueberries.
13. Cook fried shrimp for my good friends the Lowrance’s 😀
14. Take my daughter to get her driver’s license (wink wink)
15. Take a road trip.
16. Write a new piece of music.
17. Make cookies and share them with my neighbors.
18. Go to fisherman’s wharf in San Franciso.
19. Eat at the Elite Cafe in Waco.
20. Go swimming in Lake Henry.
21. Go to NASA in Houston.
22. Drive a tractor.
23. Read five new books; 3 have to be novels.
24. Go to Dallas and shop in places that are new since I left.
25. Have a game night with the Browns.
26. Eat at sunset at the Dead Fish Grill and hear the cannon.
27. Paint the guest room
28. Paint the master bath. (Yes, these are two different items! Don’t ask why)
29. Swim in Salado Creek.
30. Watch 3 movies in a day.
31. Give someone a birthday party.
32. Watch fireworks.
33. Catch a firefly, then let it go.
34. Go to a beach and walk in the water.
35. Serve the homeless.
36. Get my Yellow Hat Disaster Relief training.
37. Learn a new computer program.
38. Make a movie of my summer experiences.
39. Laugh till I cry.
40. Spend an hour on my back porch with a cup of coffee and a good friend.
41. Make some jalapeno pickles.
42. Give flowers to someone I don’t know.
43. Do 5 random acts of kindness.
44. Go to IHOP after midnight.
45. Watch a California sunset.
46. Watch a Texas sunrise.
47. Play a game of spades and win.
48. Play a game dominoes.
49. Hold a new born baby. (within 3 days old)
50. Play a game of sardines at WalMart. After 10:00 PM.

The Bucket List begins its run as soon as school is out tomorrow and will conclude at midnight the night before school begins in August. Get your lists ready and go for it.

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1 Response to 2012 Summer Bucket List

  1. Becky Montgomery says:

    22. You can drive our tractor. We’ll hook the brush hog to it so you can mow while you drive.

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