God is at work…really?

I write a weekly email update to my church family. Since the beginning of February, I became the team leader for media and missions along with my normal responsibilities in music. It’s been an interesting addition, one that is posing new opportunities as well as challenges. As a result, I am the one who got the short straw to write the weekly update to the congregation. Most of the content is decided by the staff as a whole, but I am the one to pen the words. Most weeks, I include the statement that God is at work in our midst. Sometimes I pause when I write that statement. It’s not that I don’t believe, it’s just that, to me, it’s a statement that carries an incredible amount of weight.

As I sat after dinner and caught up on my reading of Facebook, I noticed a post from a friend of mine. He serves as a minister of music in Arkansas. He had posted his weekly music newsletter and I took a few minutes to pull it up and read it. I wanted to see what he was doing in his ministry. Since I respect him highly, I hoped to glean something from him, a spark perhaps. I was surprised at the spark. At the end of his short article, he simply included this statement: “God is doing some amazing things here at First …! Don’t miss out!”

I found myself pausing momentarily on his statement. And it surprised me. It wasn’t disbelief, but rather a little skepticism. What was it that caught my attention for just a moment and made me question his statement? I think it might be because I’ve been in ministry so long that sometimes the mundane and uneventful turns into a bit of skepticism. Really? Is God really moving? So what’s He up to? It’s the same feeling, I believe, that makes me pause each time I type it in my weekly update to the congregation. Really? Is God really moving? And I wonder if our congregation feels the same way about those words when they hear it from me.

I’ve decided I can’t spend a lot of time reflecting on that! It’s not my job to decide what the reader believes or doesn’t believe. But I do want you to hear it from me. I, that’s me, do believe that God is at work. He’s up to something and I have such a sense of expectancy, sometimes I just want to shout it at the top of my voice. You will notice that I have said the above pause happens momentarily. And it should happen every time any of us makes a statement like that. We all better be able to back it up with some proof. But God is at work. And I want others to see it as well.

So here it is: I have seen God give healing to some of you. We have prayed for it and it has happened. Sometimes God’s healing is through the door of heaven, but healing happens. I have seen God move in the hearts of the Ukrainian people and I so desperately want Him to move here in Temple like that. I have seen God move in my days, simply rearranging a meeting or putting together a divine appointment that makes something happen on an otherwise uneventful day. I have seen God move in the hearts of men and women lately, softening them and drawing them unto Himself. I don’t understand how God moves and how the Holy Spirit works it all out, but I know he does. And I believe it. Really.

And I want you to believe it as well. I want you to know that I pray God gives us spiritual eyes to see His hand move in mighty ways during this journey we are on together. I want you to see His hand of provision and come to know Him as Jehovah Jireh, our Provider. I have been very interested in Joe’s teachings on Sunday morning about the journey of the people of Israel. God still has a plan for His people and we are part of that plan. What a blessing it is. God is at work. Really.

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