It’s Been a Great June

Everyone needs a change every now and then to your schedule, your plan, your routine. June has been that month for me. Everything that was normal at the beginning of the month suddenly changed. It’s been nice. It was a change of pace for sure, it just got quicker.

Carla, my ministry assistant, had her baby a week early, thus changing her plans for work in the office. I thought I had an extra week of her help. Didn’t work out way. Oops, change of pace! Baby is doing great, mom and dad are doing great. I smile because their pace has changed as well.

Jan and I took a week of vacation to San Francisco with some dear friends. It was filled with all sorts of interesting sights and smells, tastes and experiences. The sourdough bread was the best. At Boudin, they say a portion of the original mother dough starter still is used today when they make their sourdough bread. Did you know the original starter is from 1849? Fisherman’s Wharf and Alcatraz were special highlights for me. And the cable car museum. But San Francisco has its ups and downs and my legs were tired from the different pace.

Sports Camp and Fine Arts Camp were in June as well. What a fun filled time each of them was. There were kids and leaders everywhere! The high attendance at Fine Arts camp was 204 in our Life Center building. At times all you could see wasa sea of children. Talk about a change of pace, those kids’ energy was at an all time high. Through both of those camps, 40 children gave a positive response to accepting Christ. We are in the midst of following up with those now.

Last week the Voices in Praise choir went on their mission trip to Arlington. Serving at Mission Arlington, we joined almost 300 serving at the mission last week alone. Our kids sang four concerts, led in Rainbow Express in the morning, served one afternoon at a summer children’s camp, and spent one afternoon pulling weeds and cleaning and detailing the 30+ vehicles that are used by Mission Arlington. They didn’t complain and didn’t quit. We didn’t have one inch of problem with any of them. It was a great trip filled with laughter, love, and the Gospel of Christ. I saw our young leaders take another step in their development of leading and serving others. I am proud of our students and their commitment to Christ. God has great plans for each of them.

June was a change of pace. Many miles traveled, many experiences out of the ordinary. It makes summer special. We talk about FBCT encountering God and impacting lives. In the month of June, I believe we did a great job doing just that.

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