2012 Summer Bucket List Final Update

It’s over! The time for the bucket list completion is over and out. No more time, no more possibilities to complete the 50 items on the list. It’s been a great summer, filled with all sorts of things. Some Jan was excited about doing, some she just rolled her eyes! Oh well, it’s been great fun. Here’s the update from the summer list:

[X]1. Ride the trolley in San Francisco. ~ many times, and boy was it fun! You have to watch out for those coming the other way, however, they could hurt!
[X]2. Taste a grape at a vineyard in San Francisco. ~ Well, not the grape in a vineyard, but the grape was in California and it was grown in some vineyard.
[X]3. Make a sidewalk chalk mural. ~ Happy birthday to my mother. We drew a picture on the driveway. Rachel is learning the art of sidewalk chalk murals for future use as well.
[ ]4. Water ski with Rachel and Kylie
[X]5. Go to a Round Rock Express game. ~ If you have never had the chance to go to one of these games, you missed a real treat. Pure fun. Grab a group and go and enjoy.
[ ]6. Have Mexican food in San Antonio.
[X]7. Have a dinner party. ~ I had several, in fact. Several with 10 folks sitting around the table. The more the merrier, as they say.
[X]8. Make homemade ice cream. ~ Twice. I’m getting it down. Just remember to look at the expiration dates on your cans of sweetened condensed milk. I can tell you from experience what a five-year old can of the stuff looks like.
[X]9. See my grandmother’s grave in Oklahoma. ~ Rachel and Kylie never knew they had so many ancestors buried in one place. I managed to see my father’s mother’s grave in Checotah, OK. I had never been there before. The girls were also impressed that we had a great-grandfather that died during the Spanish Flu epidemic. Who knew?
[X]10. Play a piano recital. ~ There were times that I wondered why on earth I decided to do this. I’m glad I did, for many reasons. My mother was proud. That made it all worth it.
[ ]11. Have a water balloon fight.
[ ]12. Pick blueberries. ~ The girls did, but I did not. They went while I was in California.
[ ]13. Cook fried shrimp for my good friends the Lowrance’s. ~ Spent the night at their house, just wasn’t there to cook shrimp. It will make the list again.
[X]14. Take my daughter to get her driver’s license (wink wink) ~ Hallelujah! Rachel passed and is now a driver. And we are all grateful for it. She does a great job, too, so I might add.
[X]15. Take a road trip. ~ Took several road trips. I could almost drive back and forth to Dallas and Ft. Worth in my sleep. But Oklahoma managed to count as well.
[ ]16. Write a new piece of music.
[X]17. Make cookies and share them with my neighbors.
[X]18. Go to fisherman’s wharf in San Francisco. ~ Too fun and too much to see. What a treat! It’s everything that I expected and more.
[X]19. Eat at the Elite Cafe in Waco. ~ They really do have good food. Cool atmosphere as well, with old pictures on the wall. Old pictures on the wall is always cool.
[ ]20. Go swimming in Lake Henry.
[ ]21. Go to NASA in Houston. ~ Didn’t make it to Houston nor the beach. Oh well, another summer list next year!
[X]22. Drive a tractor. ~ I did. And didn’t even plan it. It was there…and I got to drive it. Felt like Green Acres! It was definitely the place to be.
[X]23. Read five new books; 3 have to be novels. ~ 3 Brad Thor novels in about 2 weeks. Two books on leadership. I have a stack of about 10 more to read, though.
[X]24. Go to Dallas and shop in places that are new since I left. ~ Cool shops. They’re always changing.
[X]25. Have a game night with the Browns. ~ Consisted of all the Brown clan. What fun. You know, 10 people can get really loud in a game where they’re all competitive.
[X]26. Eat at sunset at the Dead Fish Grill and hear the cannon. ~ Ka-boom! It was hot, but it was a beautiful sunset.
[ ]27. Paint the guest room
[ ]28. Paint the master bath. (Yes, these are two different items! Don’t ask why)
[ ]29. Swim in Salado Creek.
[ ]30. Watch 3 movies in a day.
[X]31. Give someone a birthday party. ~ My mother’s 80th birthday party. Thanks to all who came and shared cake and punch.
[X]32. Watch fireworks. ~ Great fireworks in Arlington without a bunch of traffic. We had great seats. We ooo-ed and aah-ed all through them.
[ ]33. Catch a firefly, then let it go.
[ ]34. Go to a beach and walk in the water.
[ ]35. Serve the homeless.
[ ]36. Get my Yellow Hat Disaster Relief training.
[ ]37. Learn a new computer program.
[ ]38. Make a movie of my summer experiences.
[X]39. Laugh till I cry. ~ This really wasn’t hard. It was one of the first completed. You know me.
[X]40. Spend an hour on my back porch with a cup of coffee and a good friend. ~ My back porch is great! No bugs. And the coffee is hot in the morning. Great visit with my good friend, Barbara.
[X]41. Make some jalapeno pickles. ~ Shared them with my mother. She took some jars home with her as well. They were considered by many to be the best batch ever made. That’s sayin’ a lot!
[ ]42. Give flowers to someone I don’t know.
[ ]43. Do 5 random acts of kindness.
[ ]44. Go to IHOP after midnight.
[X]45. Watch a California sunset. ~ Beautiful sunset over the Pacific ocean. I will remember that evening for a long time.
[X]46. Watch a Texas sunrise. ~ Kylie and I sat at Chick-fil-A in Georgetown, TX, and watched the sun come up.
[ ]47. Play a game of spades and win. ~ Played 5 games of Spades this summer and lost every one of them. Next time, Betty is going to be my partner!
[ ]48. Play a game dominoes.
[X]49. Hold a new-born baby. (within 3 days old) ~ Got to hold 2 babies this summer, both within 12 hours of being born. They are beautiful babies. Thanks, Jaxen and Waverly, for the opportunity to hold you. Welcome to our world!
[X]50. Play a game of sardines at Wal-Mart. After 10:00 PM. ~ 200 Wal-Mart employees that night and we still managed to play for 45 minutes without getting kicked out of the store. All you who played, thanks for the memory.

Twenty seven items completed. Not bad. Not that great, either, but it’s not bad. The point of this bucket list is to have a little fun and make some memories. We definitely succeeded in that realm. As a friend of mine has said, “we over-estimate what we can accomplish in a day and we under-estimate what can be accomplished over a year.” Taken another way, we can accomplish great fun over the summer, but we have to have a plan. I lived the summer with purpose and a plan. Some of these were random, some were planned quite a bit. All in all, I have great memories of the people that shared many of these items with me. I don’t think there was a single one that was completed that was by myself. They all involved someone else.

My 2012 Bucket List is complete, over, finished and done. But the memories will last much longer!

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