I want to live to be 100!

I’ve decided I want to live to be 100. It would be the year 2061. Wow! That seems so far off. I wonder what it would take to do so. Eating right and exercise would be a necessity and I would have to begin now. You just don’t live to be 100 and decide to do it at 99. If I lived that long, there’s a couple of questions that I have.

1. At the correct speed, we would be on the iPhone 54. I wonder what it would look like and what cool apps would be available.
2. I would have to work a long time to have enough money to last till I’m 100. Will I last that long in a job? Maybe my girls will marry rich and they can take care of me.
3. If my girls got married when they were 24 and had children at 27, and my grandchildren got married when they were 24 and had children when they were 27, my great-grandchildren would be 12 years old. Cool! I love kids.
4. I wonder what kind of retirement home I would like to live in? What would they be like in 50 years?
5. Would my car fly? Or, rather, would my son-in-law’s car fly? I may be too old to have a flying car.

Why all this wonderment about living to be 100? I attended a birthday party of a dear friend who turned 100 yesterday. Though they wheeled her in the room in a wheelchair, she gets up and walks very easily with a cane. The young lady of 100 had pictures on the wall that described a full life, well lived to the glory of God. She was prudent in her decisions and her work, disciplined in her activity, and gracious in her dealings with others. She had been married first for 24 years, at which point her husband died rather quickly from cancer. She remarried, thinking they would be together for 10 years, maybe 15 if they were lucky. The second marriage lasted for 43 years. It was a delight to celebrate life with her. I also had a conversation with another gentleman who will turn 100 next March. He just returned from a two-week mission trip to the northeast. There was no wheelchair or walker or cane for him. I told him I wanted to drink his water.

Yes, I want to live to be 100. Or course, none of this depends upon me. The good Lord has determined my days already. In fact, they were determined before I was ever born. Such is life. Such is death, for that matter. What does depend on me is how I live those days. Will I live them to the fullest or will I be an observer as life passes me by? Nah, I’m no observer! I may return to dust as I come skidding in to the day, but I’m not one to sit on the sidelines and watch life go by. Neither of these two folks that I saw yesterday did that either. I pray that today I live my life to fullest it can be. Hey, and just think, I’m one day closer to that goal of mine!

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