It’s 2013!

It started out as a great new year with lots of potential. 2012 was behind me, 2013 was ahead with a blank page to be written. Wonderful opportunities and great possibilities were waiting to be grasped by the one to take hold of them. Every year begins this way. That’s what I like about a new year; it’s a fresh start!

 I had taken my cuckoo clock to a repairman in Waco in December. It’s the clock given to me when my grandmother passed away in 1991. It had hung on her wall when I was a little kid and I loved seeing the bird stick it’s little neck out and say cuckoo. My grandfather moved it many times so I could see it again when I was a little late running in from outside when it struck the hour. It takes some tender loving care every few years to keep it running. I had gotten it back and it stopped again, so the new year pick up was the second time I had retrieved it from the shop. Up on the wall it goes and…voila…it keeps time but it won’t go cuckoo! The little bird is stuck with its neck out of the house and it won’t budge. Rats! Strike one!

 The garage door has been increasingly difficult to get to go all the way down. It’s been coming to this, but I have disregarded the signs. It stops about a foot from the bottom. All my girls have a hard time getting it to cooperate and it’s gotten to be a pain. It’s getting worse now. It won’t go down without an extra couple of pushes of the opener. And you have to hit it just right. Strike two!

 I got home last night from a meeting at 8:00 PM to find the kitchen sink back up and dishes stacked neatly beside them ready to be washed. It wasn’t happening! Suffice it to say after 2 hours of work and a trip to Lowe’s, the sink was still stopped up! After 4 phone calls this morning and the assurance that someone would get to me sometime during the day, after all it was raining cats and dogs, I settled down to wait. And work on something else. Strike three!

 I admit I had second thoughts about 2013. It wasn’t starting out too well. I was a little frustrated since it wasn’t going like I had anticipated. What happened to the great opportunities? What happened to the wonderful possibilities of the future? Everywhere I looked something wasn’t working right and it was maddening!

 It’s life. I’ve decided it’s as simple as that. January 1 is just another date on the calendar. Every day, in reality, is a new beginning. And God’s mercies are new each of those mornings. The plumber came this morning and corrected the problem. For a fee, but still, the sink is now as good as new. As I was closing the garage door after he left, I decided to take a few minutes to adjust it. Out comes the file and with a little wood gone, it works just fine. At least for now, that is. As for the cuckoo clock? It keeps time and I get to enjoy the tick tock that I love so much. We’ll work on the cuckoo sometime in the near future.

 New possibilities, I decided, are new every day. New opportunities come every day as well. We have to listen, watch, pray, and be ready for them, to grab them at any moment.

 Hey, it’s still only the 9th day of January! 

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