Changing My Email

We live in a culture that continues to make advances in technology. Today I’m not so sure this is a good thing. I decided to change my main email address. I wasn’t ready for what that meant.

When I moved to Temple, we changed our email addresses based on our service provider. It has been my “home” email address for the past 6 years and the one that I have used for my home accounts and contacts. Two years ago, as I was updating my iPhone, I realized that my provider didn’t like talking to my iPhone. They weren’t “compatible”, so they said. So I got a Google email account and had my original home emails forwarded to my Google address. Voila, my phone did just fine getting all the messages.

Over the past few years I have gotten on a lot of email lists. You know, when you order something or check something online, they decide to send you all sorts of online catalogues and information. Mostly junk, actually. As one who doesn’t want to miss much, yes, I occasionally check the little box. And now all those emails clog up my mail box. But I have to check the stupid things every day since we are now getting important updates and information as we look toward graduation and college for the girls. Thus, I have now gotten a new email address and forwarded all that email to the new address. I now have four different email addresses that I have to check. Oh yes, and some of you have decided to use Facebook as a way of officially communicating with me. That’s another place to check for notes and updates.

So now I am in the midst of changing out email notifications and addresses to separate the sheep from the goats. One email address is for the sheep, one is for the goats. As I was going through all this mess, I once again looked at my accounts list. I now keep track of logins and passwords for over 75 accounts. Some of you say you use the same password. I guess you don’t have an online bank account. They make you change it every 6 months. This is true for other financial online accounts as well. Some institutions want you to have a capital letter, others want a symbol, some want numbers. It just gets too much to remember. So I write them down. It’s a good thing, since there are a few that I have multiple accounts with different logins and passwords. And when you add the security questions, one can get really confused. I didn’t have a cat growing up, so I didn’t have a name for it. And sometimes they don’t just want Oldsmobile, they want Cutlass. It’s enough to make your head swim.

This past Monday was our day of fasting and prayer for our church and the Pastor Search Committee. I’m glad that I don’t have a login name or a password to pray. I’m glad that my connection doesn’t have to be forwarded through some connection on some distant remote server. I simply talk to God. It’s a great thing. Sadly, many spend a lot more time on their technology than they do in talking with the Holy One. But it’s a whole lot easier. Go ahead, log on and try it!

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