Summer Bucket List 2013

It’s time for the summer bucket list! Actually, it’s past time. I should have had it completed prior to school being out. But then again, I was a little busy. This summer I am only attempting 30 items, not the traditional 50. It’s going to busy summer, so here we go, folks! Stay tuned for the updates on Facebook as the summer progresses.

1. Have a Despicable Me 2 Minion Party.
2. Go swimming at Lake Lowrance.
3. Host an hors d’oeuvres party.
4. Do an Anthony Family music special for church.
5. Visit 8 foreign countries.
6. Work a 1000 piece puzzle.
7. Laugh ‘til I cry.
8. Play a game of 42.
9. Prepare and eat a vegetarian meal.
10. Learn a new computer program.
11. Write a new piece of music.
12. Make a strawberry pie.
13. Eat at the Oasis on Lake Travis. (in Austin)
14. Eat at the Melting Pot.
15. Attend the wedding of a family member.
16. Read 3 new books.
17. Have a family game night.
18. Drive a boat.
19. Go see a great guy movie with my good friend, Mr. Rick.
20. Take a picture next to a London phone booth.
21. Eat a piece of Schwartz-Walder Kirche Torte.
22. Read the entire New Testament.
23. Have a date with my girls separately, before they go off to college.
24. Make jalapeño pickles.
25. Make a driveway chalk mural.
26. Take pictures with all my nieces.
27. Recreate an old photo.
28. Cross the English Channel.(On a boat, not swimming)
29. Play a game of Spades.
30. Go swimming at Lake Henry.

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