Uh oh, it’s the cuckoo clock again!

Yes, you guessed it. If you have been following me for the last several months, you will know the story about the cuckoo clock that hangs in my family room. It’s about 100 years old, carried over from Germany by a great grandparent or other far distant relative. I inherited it with the passing of my grandmother and have cherished the sound for over 20 years. It has cost me some money as well, keeping the cherished clock ticking. Jan says we’re finished with paying for it. “It can become a wall ornament,” she says. Since getting it out of the shop a few weeks ago, it’s worked until this past weekend. Then it just stopped.

Rachel was the last to wind the clock and then it just stopped ticking. I fiddled with it and got it started again, but it just stopped its swinging and the soothing sound of the tick tock. I think it has something to do with the balance. In order for a cuckoo clock to continue to tick, it has to be in perfect balance. The pendulum has to swing freely and straight. And I think it’s simply an issue with being out of balance. I just haven’t had the time to deal with it.

Did you know my daughters are leaving next week for college? It’s that time. Though the clock has stopped, time continues to silently tick tock away. The days for them to move into their college dorm rooms is looming ever larger in the very near future. It used to be the distant future, but not any more! It’s next Wednesday and Thursday to be exact. It’s something that I am thrilled about for them. I can envision all the great experiences they will have. They will learn and go places that are brand new for them. They will experience all sorts of different and exciting things. It’s what should happen. It’s been my hope and desire since they were born that one day they would go to college and become everything that God has planned for them. But it’s going to be different. It will change the life that Jan and I have experienced for the past 18 years. I know I will still parent them, just in a different way. I know I will see them, just not every day. I know I will talk to them, just not when I have had the freedom to do so often in the day when we lived under one roof. It will certainly be different.

My life balance, as I have known it, is about to be out of whack! The pendulum is going to swing and something will be different. That something is that a part of me will have left town. Actually, it will be two parts of me. And my life will suddenly be out of balance.

In the coming days I will be readjusting my life. It’s time to look once again at my own personal priorities and activities and reflect on where I am intellectually, physically, spiritually, socially and relationally. It’s time to readjust and realign. Since the outward balance of my life is about to change dramatically, it’s time to look at the inward balance as well. And that takes a little time. But that’s ok, because that’s what I have, time. It just keeps ticking, whether I hear it or not.

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