Summer Bucket List 2013 Update

The summer is basically over. Rachel & Kylie are off to college and Jan is now working daily at the schoolhouse. Though the heat of a Texas summer is still among us, I can feel a change in the air and I believe fall is coming. Thus, the Summer Bucket List 2013 has officially ended. Several of you have asked for the update so I’m posting the list again. The X’s are there to show completion.

X 1. Have a Despicable Me 2 Minion Party.
2. Go swimming at Lake Lowrance.
3. Host an hors d’oeuvres party.
4. Do an Anthony Family music special for church.
X 5. Visit 8 foreign countries.
6. Work a 1000 piece puzzle.
X 7. Laugh ‘til I cry.
8. Play a game of 42.
9. Prepare and eat a vegetarian meal.
10. Learn a new computer program.
X 11. Write a new piece of music.
12. Make a strawberry pie.
X 13. Eat at the Oasis on Lake Travis. (in Austin)
14. Eat at the Melting Pot.
X 15. Attend the wedding of a family member.
X 16. Read 3 new books.
X 17. Have a family game night.
18. Drive a boat.
19. Go see a great guy movie with my good friend, Mr. Rick.
X 20. Take a picture next to a London phone booth.
21. Eat a piece of Schwartz-Walder Kirche Torte.
22. Read the entire New Testament.
23. Have a date with my girls separately, before they go off to college.
X 24. Make jalapeño pickles.
25. Make a driveway chalk mural.
X 26. Take pictures with all my nieces.
X 27. Recreate an old photo.
X 28. Cross the English Channel.(On a boat, not swimming)
X 29. Play a game of Spades.
30. Go swimming at Lake Henry.

Fourteen out of thirty items. I have done better. This summer was a busy one, folks, and we just didn’t get to do all the things I had planned. Nevertheless, I completed some items that I wouldn’t have accomplished had I not been intentional about them. I certainly would not have had a minion party. One does not wake up one day and simply say, “I think I’ll throw a party with the minion theme today.”

The trip to Austin and to the Oasis was nice. Yes, we made the trip just to go to dinner. For those of you who are not familiar with Texas and the Oasis, let me explain. The Oasis is a restaurant that sits high on a cliff overlooking Lake Travis. Sometimes the lake has water in it and it is a lovely sight. But in recent years the water has diminished greatly because of the drought in central TX. Temple is about an hour from the place. I don’t think I will make the trip just to go again. If I’m in the area, I might go, but not to simply drive all that way to have dinner. But we can check it off the list.

Intentionality. It’s what it’s all about. Not just for intentionality’s sake, but to have some experiences that you have to plan for and work at. So much of our lives are simply lived moment by moment. We accomplish what needs to happen that day. We work into the night just to check a few more things off on our list. Some have called it the tyranny of the urgent. There are so many things that bombard us, we believe that they are the truly urgent items that must be done. So we work hard chipping away at the ever-present list. Does it ever go away? Maybe when we die. But even then someone else has to pick up the list and begin checking.

Are you depressed yet? Do you hear your to-do list calling? I’ve decided we’re never going to be finished. So the Bucket List isn’t as much an escape as an effort to make memories and enjoy life a little more. Smell the flowers along the way. So, while the summer is over, I’ve decided to extend my time frame just a little and still work at completing the list. They’re on there for a reason, you know. And there’s always time to make another memory!

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