Join In and Be Extra Ordinary

Recently my daughter, Rachel, posted a short story on her blog that she wrote some months back. It was entitled “Talking in Capitals” and told a delightful little story about an ordinary man in a park one day. He was visited by a young lady as he sat on a bench. The gist of the story was that we live extra-ordinary lives, because life is, simply put, rather extraordinary. I was going to draw attention to it and make some wonderful analogies, but then I reflected on the fact that some might not agree. While the story is a wonderful reminder, many in the world will live their lives like the man on that park bench, thinking that their life is just ordinary.

We each have a life to live. As the adage has said, our lives are lived between the dash on the tombstone. It’s the amount of life we put in them. And we live them according to what we have made of them. Some go to work in offices, sitting at computers all day and talking on the phone. Others spend their time outside, working at building or cutting or manicuring live plants into art. Some will spend their time in classrooms, teaching children of all ages. Some will be at work during the day serving and healing the sick, taking care of the brokenhearted, visiting those that are alone. At the end of the day many will go home to families and spend their time in the evenings cooking dinner, doing homework, or taking care of the personal matters at home. Just thinking about all this can overwhelm me as I once more realize all that we do. It’s enough to say alright, already! Let me sit down and wish for something a little more ordinary, a little more slower paced!

But that’s just it. When I stop, I realize that each life is truly extraordinary. I had the distinct privilege to be a part of two memorial services this past week. Both were distinct, both were very different. They reflected the lives of those who had passed away. In both of them I once again realized how little I know about those around me. I was reminded that this life goes by quickly, much too quickly. And I realized that no life is ordinary. We each have value, each are loved.

I committed to live my life a little more on the extraordinary side. Venture out and press the envelope a little more. Life is too short to live it safely. Look around and be a part of something. Be a part of something bigger than yourself. Don’t strive for perfection, it won’t happen. But strive to make a difference for someone else. It’s what Christ has done for us. It’s what He’s calling us to do for others. Jump in there and join in. You’ll see just how out of ordinary life can really be!

If you want to read Rachel’s story, check it out at

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