A Future and A Hope

It was one of the darkest days of my ministry. I stood on the parking lot of my church and watched it burn. I didn’t know what tomorrow would bring. We had nothing left; all was lost. But within the next 48 hours God began to show Himself in miraculous ways. Needed books for worship planning suddenly were delivered. The materials were given without my asking, but reflected the list on the page that I had scribbled during a meeting knowing that I would somehow need to obtain. Provision at every level, every turn, down to the little details. 

As a worship leader who has suddenly lost an incredibly valuable music library, the prospect of leading a choir without materials is somewhat daunting. To the rescue came my friends in the ministry. Sharing and giving what was needed. One of the first was Cindy Berry, composer and minister of music’s wife in a nearby city. She just happened to have multiple copies of her anthem she had written several years before entitled “A Future and A Hope.” Based on Jeremiah 29:11-13, it reminds us that God has plans. I’ve learned that those plans will always be carried out. Even if it takes several years. Sometimes it even takes multiple years. 

Take no thought for tomorrow; just trust Me for today. 

I will lead and guide you, as you follow in My way.

Let Me show you unfailing love, just come and take My hand.

I will use you for My glory according to My perfect plan. 

I have plans for you, plans for good and not for evil;

I have plans for you, to give you a future and a hope. 

As your Father and Creator, I know your ev’ry need.

You will find my love and mercy as you follow where I lead. 

I have blessings in store, greater than you ever could imagine. 

I have love for you, more than you could ever comprehend. 
As you keep your eyes on Me, you will clearly see

That I have great and glorious plans for you. 

When you call upon My name, I will listen. 

You are My child; I know your ev’ry care. 

When you seek Me, you will find Me;

Just lift your voice in prayer. 

The words were very meaningful and encouraging in those early days. When faced with utter devastation, God still had a plan. Now fast forward four years. We sang the same song this morning in our dedication of our new home, a place that God has provided. This music was glorious. It reminded me once again that the plans of God are still very real. He still guides, He still provides, He still sustains us when we can’t make our feet move another step. He has plans for us and gives us hope. It’s been a long journey for the past four years, but the future has already begun. 

Help us to keep our eyes on You, Lord! Amen! 

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