My four year old computer has been running a little slow these days. At my office, our IT folks keep my computer humming along. But at home it falls to me to keep the Dell properly working. So I decided to take the Saturday and do a little home computer maintenance.

The program to remove all the unnecessary files clicked right through within a couple of minutes and promptly told me that I had officially dumped all those needless files and cache. The next program to remove all the nasty malware that comes off the web clicked through as well. All was good. But than I decided to click on the defragmenter and give it a whirl. Everything had moved along pretty quickly, I thought this would take no time at all.

That was almost 5 hours ago.

And it’s still processing.

I’m assuming it’s still clearing up my fragments of information that have been lost or out of place. I have no idea if my computer is going to run faster, but all the colors on the screen are certainly impressive. It says it’s moving something, so here I sit. Waiting.

At one point there were 188,626,620,416 bytes that were in order. Yippee for me! But there were also 61,898,108,928 fragments stuck out of place. That’s a lot of bytes! I hope they were really small bytes!

And so I sit and watch the slow process of putting things back in order. Fragment by fragment, byte by byte.

Sometimes I feel like life needs to be defragmented. Sometimes those portions and areas of life just aren’t quite in the right order. They may have gotten out of order because of a too full calendar, something didn’t go exactly like it was supposed, or there was just too much on the docket and you were playing catch up far too long. At some point, we all have to stop and take a big deep breath. Depending on how often you do it, sometimes it takes a lot longer to get things back in order than you expected.

The fragments of life do have to be put back in order. Priorities are re-established, rest is accepted and embraced, and life takes one big breath. I’m learning we all need a little maintenance.

So here’s to defragmenting life. One byte at a time.

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