2014 Summer Bucket List

Here is my long awaited 2014 Summer Bucket List. With the help of my family, Jan, Rachel & Kylie, we have put together the plan for the summer. This is the 5th year I have had a bucket list for the summer months. It makes my summer more intentional, more fun, more interesting. Above all, it makes my summer memorable. The plan is to post pictures on my Facebook page from each of these as well. memories, it’s what life is made of. Plans for the future, they are just memories waiting to happen! 

It’s funny how many of these revolve around food. It’s not that I just like to eat, it’s just that lots of life and lots of laughter for us happen around the dinner table. It’s where we share life together. If you want to join us on an adventure, let us know soon. The summer for this list begins next week. The deadline for completion will be August 18. 

  1. Engage in a Chinese fire drill 
  2. Create an Epic driveway mural 
  3. Make homemade salsa
  4. Take an impromptu road trip somewhere
  5. Learn how to use the camera as a real photographer
  6. Visit downtown Lorena and the Cheese Shop
  7. Ride the bike trail in McGregor
  8. Take a segway tour in Austin
  9. Visit Watertown, New York
  10. Have dinner at the Duncan’s
  11. Visit the Ben and Jerry ice cream plant in Vermont
  12. Visit the new President George Bush Library in Dallas
  13. Drive through the Adirondack’s in New York
  14. Watch a John Wayne movie
  15. Read 5 books
  16. Play monopoly 
  17. Have a game night with the Anthony’s, Brown’s, and Brown
  18. Visit the Lowrances in Heath
  19. Swim in Lake Henry (and meet the new puppy!) 
  20. Spend a whole morning in silence
  21. Laugh until I cry
  22. Play a game of spades and win
  23. Visit the Colorado Rockies
  24. Play a game of 42 and win
  25. Throw a dinner party
  26. Visit a lake house in East Texas 
  27. Learn how to cook eggplant
  28. Go to Schlitterbahn
  29. Go waterskiing
  30. Have a Mom’s Movie Marathon
  31. Stick my feet in Lake Ontario
  32. Play whirlyball
  33. Go blueberry picking
  34. Visit the Perot museum in Dallas
  35. Go to a drive-in movie theater
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