Wow, that was fast!

Sometimes events in our life come very slowly. Sometimes they come speeding by and you wonder what just happened. I’m sitting here wondering what just happened — My daughter is moving into an apartment.

It’s happened rather quickly. Rachel decided in the middle of last year to transfer to Baylor. There were a number of reasons, but she made the decision and did all the work to take care of it. She was accepted and things were moving along rather nicely. Slow and nice. Cool. We can handle that.  She had applied to live in the dorm and was just waiting to hear. A few weeks ago we read an article that said Baylor was accepting the largest freshman class in the history of the university. Almost 3300 beginning students. Uh oh! And we knew that one of the dorms was closed for renovation. Oops. We still waited. Last week, we got the word that she was on the wait list and more than likely she would not be moving off the wait list. Change of plans…pronto!

 My sister’s middle daughter, Chelsea, just graduated from Samford University in Birmingham. She is coming to Baylor this fall to begin graduate school. No roommate. No place to live, yet. Cousin. Hey, you think it might work?

In less than one week, Rachel has a roommate who happens to be her cousin, an apartment right across the street from where I lived 30 years ago, and she is working on furnishing said apartment. Wow! Didn’t see that coming!

In my role of being Dad, I have felt that she was the one to take the charge in this endeavor. I’ve been proud of her as I have watched her maneuver through the myriad of forms and phone calls, questions and answers. I have coached her and watched her take control of this next step in her life. In our lives. And wow, today I realized this has come quickly. I wasn’t expecting this next step to be so…so…fast.

Milestones are just that way. Some come slowly, taking what seems like an eternity to pass. We wait, we watch, we pray and we work. Even in the midst of everything we seem to do, time moves slowly. Some days we wonder if we’ll ever see the moment come and pass. Other times they whiz by in lightening speed, taking us by surprise, leaving us wondering what just happened.

In the midst of all this, the reality is our lives continues to move along. The clock doesn’t go any faster, it’s just our view of time. The moments don’t stop, they just march along at the same rate. I’m just surprised sometimes how quickly they seem to move.

I don’t know about a spiritual concept in all this. There probably isn’t one, except this — I was watching Rachel over the past few days and thinking how proud I was of her through this process. There’s nothing more exciting to me as a father than to see my girls grow up to be capable young women, contributing to society and to the kingdom of God. And then I came across this verse again today:

 “The LORD your God is with you; he is mighty to save.

He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love,

He will rejoice over you with singing.”

Zephaniah 3:17

 That includes everyone one of us!


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