2016 Summer Bucket List

The first post in over a year. And the long awaited Summer Bucket List. Here we go!

  1. Create a driveway mural
  2. Host a dinner party for 10.
  3. Go to local Farmer’s Markets in 3 different cities.
  4. Take a ride on a train.
  5. Go roller skating.
  6. See a sunset in West Texas.
  7. See a sunrise in another state.
  8. Go swimming. (I haven’t in more than three years!)
  9. Make Christmas cookies and go Christmas caroling in July.
  10. Go to a Ranger baseball game.
  11. Go to a Round Rock Express baseball game.
  12. Go on a Segway tour of Austin.
  13. Watch Kylie learn to water ski.
  14. Go canoeing.
  15. Go to an art museum.
  16. Read 3 fiction books.
  17. Volunteer for a non-profit.
  18. Go on a hike.
  19. Ride a bicycle on a bike trail.
  20. Write a new piece of music.
  21. Do 5 random acts of kindness.
  22. Go to a waterpark.
  23. Learn how to make shrimp & grits.
  24. Win a game of spades.
  25. Work a jigsaw puzzle.
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