Why is Rest so difficult?

I’m a doer. I do things for my wife, my children, other people, my work and office. There’s always something to do. If you’re a doer, it’s difficult to turn off the doer switch. It’s just not that easy.

Some people seem to have an easy time to stop, sit down and relax. Watch TV, they say. Chill out on the couch, they say. But to a doer, they see that the dishes need to be done, that plant that’s been sitting on the back porch for a couple of months now needs to be transplanted and watered. They see the stack of mail on the counter that needs attention. And when the dog comes and looks at you with those big eyes, you just know what that means, right? Yep, it’s off to get the leash and take her for walk. That’s what doers do. They do stuff.

The Bible has words about this. When God created the heavens and the earth, when he created for 6 days straight, he stepped back and said it was good. And then he rested on the 7th day. There have been several books recently written about the Sabbath. Rest, they say, is important. Giving space, they say, is required. You can’t just keep going. You have to take a break at some point.

Why is it, then, that resting is so difficult? True rest, true stoppage, true ceasing to take care of business and simply pause.

Besides, it’s not that we’re accomplishing so much anyway. In the land of technology, we fritter away our time on our smartphones, our tablets and our computers. We watch TV with more channels than we need, certainly more than we can watch. Oh wait, did you miss it? That’s OK, just DVR it! You can watch it at the end of night, after the late show, while you’re tapping away on your tablet and catching up with the latest news on Facebook.

I find that when I do stop, when I do cease for a little while, my body tends to want to move, to sway back and forth, to create movement. If I’m still for very long, I simply fall asleep.

Maybe that’s the answer. Sleep. Rest.

This post was written more than a year ago and I didn’t publish it. Not sure why not, but here it is. 

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