Rained Out

It’s a first in 55+ years of living. We canceled Sunday morning services. For rain. As one who helped make that decision, it wasn’t easy. There are so many thoughts that go into a decision like this for leadership.

Right now, as I write this, the wind is blowing, it’s wet, but the rain and bad weather has held off. Some will say “you made the wrong call. We would be fine.”

In leadership, you gather the best information that you can find and then you decide the course of action. Last night the weather forecasters were proclaiming strong storms in the area this morning. The decision makers got up early this morning and began checking the status. As we were making decisions, warning sirens began to sound and we were alerted to the threat of large hail in our path. The weatherman said “if you are a pastor, as you pass out the bulletins for the morning you need to let everyone know of your emergency plans in place.” Hmmm. Never heard that before.

While we have careful and clear emergency plans in place, you never want to use them. While you have communicated what needs to happen, you hope that you never have to stand up and ask your people to move to bathrooms and interior rooms because a major threat is bearing is down on your location.

Better safe than sorry, so they say.

Leaders weigh all the odds. They think of what ifs and make decisions based on possibilities. Sometimes that’s a hard call. Sometimes they get push back.

But sometimes you get rained out. Sometimes threats present themselves and it’s the leader’s job to keep all safe.

Today was just one of those days.

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